Our staff understands that the decision to allow your beloved companion to undergo surgery is never an easy one. We strive to ensure your pet’s procedure is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Perhaps the most important pre-surgical step we take is to discuss with you why we believe a particular procedure is necessary and what it entails. We also provide information on proper postoperative care and answer any questions you may have so that you feel comfortable knowing you are making the right choice for your pet.

All surgical procedures are performed at our Lime Kiln Road facility. Since it is important for you and your pet to receive care from people you have both come to know in order to reduce stress and promote healing, you can schedule routine general practice surgeries with the same veterinarian you see in Beacon. These surgeries include:

  • Spays
  • Neuters
  • Declaws
  • Abscess treatment
  • Mass removals
  • Much more

For more advanced procedures you may be referred to our Surgery Department at our Lime Kiln Road facility in Hopewell Junction. Our Chief of Surgery, Dr. Paul McNamara is board certified in veterinary surgery specialist and a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Dr. McNamara is one of only approximately 400 board-certified veterinary surgeons in the world.

Pain Management

Surgery is performed using the most current and safest anesthetics available. Sophisticated monitors are used to help the surgeons and veterinary surgical technicians detect any irregularities before they become serious problems. We view every surgical procedure as a major operation, and pain management is a priority in our surgical cases. In addition, our veterinarians remain current in the most recent advances in anesthesia and surgery by attending continuing education courses on a regular basis.

We help your pet safely recover from surgery with comprehensive pain management, careful nursing care by our trained staff, special diets, and most importantly, gentle individualized attention and encouragement.