We have altered our after-hours emergency care to better meet the needs of our clients during regular hours, which gives us a chance to review our protocols to ensure we continue to uphold the highest standards of medicine and follow current best practices for emergency and after hour care. If you do experience an emergency after-hours, rest assured there will be a veterinary technician at our Hopewell facility to assist you. The technician will be able to help you make the decision to either schedule a visit at our hospital for minor treatment or recommend one of our trusted emergency hospitals for more severe cases. Should we decide that it is best that your pet be referred to an emergency hospital we will be able to forward any pertinent medical history and call the facility for you to let them know to anticipate your arrival. These hospitals are highly trained in emergency intervention and management and have the technology and staffing to support the most critical of cases. Most importantly, these facilities will keep us informed of your pet’s health so that we at Hudson Highlands Veterinary Medical Group can assist with follow up care.

Poisoning – In the event your pet ingests something toxic, that unique situation is often best handled by someone who specializes in toxicology, so we will ask you to call poison control to speak with one of their specialists. After they get all of the pertinent information from you, they will give you a case number and let you know if your pet needs to see the veterinarian for treatment. Using that case number, our doctor will be able to get specific advice on how best to care for your pet.

Specialty Client – Specialty Practice patients who have been referred by another hospital will be seen only if the emergency is related to recent surgery or visit (all others should call their referring veterinarian).

Our doctors will continue to be available for hospitalized patients.